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A simplified pay system crafted for the postal service.

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Clockable Hours Application Process & Pay System

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About the Author

Larry Pinson Sr. was born in Newnan, Georgia, and his family moved to Chicago when he was six years old. He was a civilian employee at the Postal Service from 1995 to 2009. He worked as assistant driver and salesman for Central Distributors in Chicago. He was a cashier clerk, a field auditor, and a personnel and receiving clerk at A and P Food Store in Chicagoland.

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“Though C.H.A.P.P.S. is a bit idealistic, I can tell that the system will work out well if given a chance.”

— Deák Zsanett

Five Stars

“While other people complains about the unfavorable current pay system, the author of this book has rigorously studied the pay system and courageously published his thoughts. Through this book, the author shared a solution to a problem. I admire the author for talking about the change that he wants to see.”

— Gyori Marcsa


“It is a detailed payroll system—a work from someone who surely knows what he is talking about.”

— Mason Stephens

What is C.H.A.P.P.S.?

C.H.A.P.P.S.: Clockable Hours Application Process and Pay System is a proposal of a simplified pay system crafted for the postal payroll system. After a thorough study of the postal service pay system, Larry Pinson, Sr. recommends that the modernized system he proposes is applicable to other government agencies.

A Better Payroll System

Larry Pinson Sr. took the initiative to create an organized system that can be better understood by the ones who are using it. In his book CHAPPS, or Clockable Hours Application Process and Pay System, he explains how postal employees are being paid unfairly in the current system, and it shouldn’t be the case if people are more aware of how each hour of their work is being commissioned. He also includes information and explanation on nonscheduled days, part-time flexis, overtimes, night differentials, leaves, holidays, and much more.

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