C.H.A.P.P.S. and Worker Synergy

All Employees Need Each Other

All organizations need people; people are the greatest assets. Liken a company to machinery, and its workers the cogs; for it to perform smoothly and produce results, the components need to mesh well, to cooperate and connect with one another. For an organization to thrive, it needs worker synergy.

Synergy, as defined by the dictionary, is “the increased effectiveness that results when two or more people or business work together,” when their collaboration constructs a culture of excellence that is beneficial for all parties involved. Having common goals, common values, and complementary talents create an environment that cultivates worker synergy, even despite diversity in the labor pool. A system that nurses such an environment is pivotal to an organization’s success. Developing and maintaining that system takes time and resources, which most organizations are reluctant to provide. Luckily, CHAPPS is readily available.

CHAPPS: Clockable Hours Application Process and Pay System

In CHAPPS, the workday is divided into three shifts (also known as tours). They are designed in a way that each shift easily meshes together and every employee can pass on their workload to the next worker, making the need for overtime work obsolete. This also means employees need to rely on their coworkers in order to meet production quotas. Colleagues will naturally conform and cooperate as deviants from this division of labor will only gain discrimination. Everyone is responsible for their reliever. Teamwork will be crucial; worker synergy becomes paramount.

Once fully implemented, CHAPPS paves the way for worker synergy in the workplace. Managing people will be a breeze for business owners, and because the macro becomes easier, so will the micromanagement of every individual employee. CHAPPS is already developed and is easily adjustable for different company cultures. CHAPPS defines team dynamics. CHAPPS is the solution.

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