From a nation that borrows money to a nation that lends money

From a nation that borrows money to a nation that lends money

“Are you aiming for free money? Apply for a grant.”

Many people certainly wish that things are that easy. But they aren’t. Grants are not provided as personal assistance from the government; rather, federal grants are honors of financial assistance to an individual or organization to carry out a purpose authorized by the government.

Typically, grant-awarding departments award grants to researchers, universities, government agencies, housing agencies, nonprofit organizations, counties, cities, and states, among others.

The downside of government grants

Take this abstract from the research entitled Do Government Grants to Private Charities Crowd Out Giving or Fund-Raising?

Economists have long observed that crowding out of government grants to private charities is incomplete. The accepted belief is that givers treat the grants as imperfect substitutes for private giving. We theoretically and empirically investigate a second reason: the strategic response of a charity will be to reduce fund-raising efforts after receiving a grant. Employing panel data from arts and social service organizations, we find that government grants cause significant reductions in fund-raising. This adds a new dimension to the policy discussions—analysts should account for the behavioral responses of the charity, as well as the donors, to government grants.

This is one of the many cases where government grants become an excuse to delay financial independence. Thus, it can be said that a government grant is a waste of taxpayers’ money.

The solution: Four-in-a-Box system

Agencies, whether private or public, have to run a CHAPPS pay system. And at the end of the year, the taxpayers will no longer have to pay for another year’s work.

The Four-in-a-Box system is designed to cover three tours (shifts) with four full-time employees per tour, wherein one employee is considered off or not scheduled to work for the day. See table 1.

Table 1: Four-in-a-Box system

Employees may bid on their schedules while bids are awarded to them by seniority. Built-in bids are permanent work schedules.

Debt-free jobs

With four-in-a-box system, any job that’s related to government grants should be debt-free. Teachers, police, and firemen will have to use their 168 hours a week. This will help us move forward—from a nation that’s always borrowing money to a nation that’s lending money.

This is how CHAPPS works—to create jobs that are no longer funded by taxpayers’ money. When all people work toward financial independence, government grants become unnecessary in the society.