Use C.H.A.P.P.S to Fix the Economy

For the Betterment of America Once and for All

It’s 2016, and the US economy continues in its state of slump. According to statistics, the country’s GDP has once increased by 2.5 percent this midyear, when economists’ initial expectation was 3 percent or higher. Last year, the States ranked as the fourth highest country for income inequality in the world, with its child population being the thirty-fourth out of the thirty-five countries that were surveyed for poverty level.

These and other important factors, such as life satisfaction, skills and education (USA ranked close to bottom out of twenty-three surveyed), determine the strength of the country’s economy, which the United States is quickly losing on. If the current running of the once “most powerful nation in the world” were to slope downward even further, it would take decades to bounce back – and ca it? One of the most critical factors to economic sustainability is annual income. Considering the major job losses in the last few years, it will take a great leap and new direction for the working class to return to a state of considerable movement.

CHAPPS is a worker-friendly and beneficial pay system that I created after many years of experience working in the US Postal Service. I have also served in the US Army for two years (1967-1969) and until 1989, as an Illinois National Guard, for which I became a first lieutenant and police company commander in 1980 then, finally, a major by 1989.

A large part of this work is derived from my firsthand experience in the military. Full-time military CHAPPS and part-time military CHAPPS, especially, are designed to specifically benefit the pay system of soldiers and the other ranks. The thing about CHAPPS is its main goals are job creation and pay satisfaction without the expense of taxpayer’s money. We no longer have to pay for the budget of politicians!

Because the pay period is computed for every 320 hours (8 weeks) of work done, workers get a check after every three weeks. Employees will work full-time for the current year’s benefits as well as another 40 hours for the current years’ remuneration. No taxes! CHAPPS not only benefits postal service workers and the military, but it also provides better future for government agencies, as well as both small and large corporations functioning in our economy. Imagine if this pay system were practiced throughout the United States of America. What advantages US citizens can reap for today and the future. CHAPPS will end poverty. CHAPPS can fix the economy!