According to the current population survey, the average mean personal income of a US employee is $44,510 and the average median household income is $51,939, based on the US Census Bureau. That is still a relatively low decrease due to the latest recession back in 2008. It’s 2016 now, and Americans are still trying to pick up where the economic drop left them.

I, Larry Pinson Sr., will get American back on its feet again. With CHAPPS, a worker-favorable pay system, I will double a wage earner’s salary! No longer will citizens have to worry about working too long hours and not receiving a just compensation. In fact, they can get double that! With my long years of experience in the US Postal Service, I have seen the workings of the current wage among my fellow workers, and I can tell you it is not just. God delivered me CHAPPS. It is the pay system for the people and for the country.

First and foremost, let me talk about the leaders of this country. Every politician would have to work 168 hours per week, work one week, then be off within weeks within one week. This should be the same for everyone else. God created a just world, and this is the model for all people that God created. But to be fair to all, CHAPPS makes use of a formulated 4-in-a-box pay system so no wage earner’s 168 hours can cross over anyone else’s. This means that an employee has to work 8,320 hours per salary year, 2,080 hours for all benefits, 2,080 hours for the current year’s salary, 2,080 hours for stipend pay, and finally, 2,080 hours for the following year’s salary. By the end of the year, I tell you, you will thank me for you will realize the remarkable difference, the astounding change and increase of your remuneration!

In the book, see how I explain the 4-in-a-box pay system. It comprises of two 7-day bids and one 6-day bid. You fill one box up, another box up, and another box up. And better news keeps coming with CHAPPS. With CHAPPS, you get your stipend pay every quarter, and there is no such thing as overtime when scheduled at 5-day work week! I tell you now, and I promise you, CHAPPS will fix the economy and end poverty nationwide!