Use C.H.A.P.P.S to Provide Jobs for All American Workers

Making Employment Too Easy

The United States of America was once known to be the greatest nation in the world. However, due to the economic downfall in recent years, it still tries to regain its old title. According to the Department of Labor’s latest statistics, the number of unemployed individuals is at 7.8 million (August 2016), with a 4.9 percent unemployment rate three straight months now. That’s very tiny improvement in this period of the year. Not to mention the long-term unemployment rate (jobless for 27 weeks+), is still at 2 million.

Among the major employee groups, the unemployment rates by gender and race are as follows:

  • Adult men (4.5 percent)
  • Adult women( 4.5 percent)
  • Teenagers (15.7 percent)
  • Asians (4.2 percent)
  • Blacks (8.1 percent)
  • Hispanics (5.6 percent)
  • Whites (4.4 percent)

I can’t say it’s all bad because healthcare employment increased to 14, 000 jobs in August, social assistance with 22,000, and professional and technical services to 20,000, but that’s still a far cry from when America was led by Clinton at 5.07 percent average GDP growth per quarter in office. Or how about John F. Kennedy’s 5.5 percent? In fact, Clinton had a staggering 241,65 average job gain rate per month (thousands), the highest-ranking of all presidents. It’s time for a change.

I, Larry Pinson Sr., want to make America great again! With CHAPPS, a smart and employee-favorable pay system I created alongside my years of experience in the US Postal Service, America will find it easy to apply and take positions with instant success! Workers can now take full potential from working their day-to-day jobs then receive the salary they rightfully deserve. The pay system of US postal service employees is unfair and difficult. The CHAPPS pay system exists for the employee. And the more employers and potential employees are made aware of it. the more jobs rise!

In line to help increase employment and job satisfaction for all Americans, I made CHAPPS friendly for everyone. Best of all? No taxes! You have to read my book to know the strategies and be astounded. You will be familiarized with processes that work alongside your compensation goals and work-hour preferences. The four-in-a-box system, seventy-two-hour day/seventy-two-month pay system, or the full-time nonbargaining unit (created especially for supervisors), are just some of these revolutionary compensation models for you. I want to help you. Allow CHAPPS to, and together, let us make America even greater nation!